DogeMars is a community token developed based on BSC. DogeMars was developed by 5 anonymous developers. The purpose of DogeMars is to help Dogecoin achieve its due value.

At present, Dogecoin is the 7th largest digital currency in the world ranked by market value, but we still think its value is far underestimated. Considering the huge media influence (even larger than BTC) , the zero centralized risk of the founders  (the founders no longer has Dogecoin in hand) , the great significance of mankind’s future exploration of the universe (currently, Dogecoin is most likely to become the future digital currency on mars), Dogecoin should become the top three digital currency, at least the top five digital currency in value.

We are sorry to see that many digital currencies have been changed from the tools proletarians used to fight against the financial exploitation of Wall Street to the safe haven asset of Wall Street and large enterprises. They have even become the new US dollars of the large institutions. We believe that if Satoshi Nakamoto is reborn, he will not like the world of digital currencies now.

As the experienced developers of blockchain, we appreciate Dogecoin’s ridicule of the existing financial system with deconstruction. Together with Elon Musk, we are committed to pushing Dogecoin to the Mars with DogeMars to create a real sea of stars in the future.


To help Dogecoin become the number one digital currency with market value in the world


Committed to be the best Dogecoin support community


Community first; Unity and pragmatism; Information transparency; High standard and long patience