DogeMars early supporters airdrop big benefits, it will be the only biggest benefit in DogeMars history! From June 11th to June 29th, DogeMars buy and get free!

  1. There are more than 20,131,206 DogeMars on the address, and 1,000,000 DogeMars as a gift.
  2. 2,000,001-20,131,206 DogeMars on the address, 500,000 DogeMars as a gift.
  3. 200,001-2,000,000 DogeMars on the address, 20,000 DogeMars as a gift.

*DogeMars purchase method and introduction: see
*The unique BSC contract address for DogeMars: 0xc691B95d84147FfFcd1094D0d2243b43b7C25817

*The above activities are based on the data at 00:00 on June 29th, limited to the first 2000 addresses with the largest number of DogeMars

*The community will complete the settlement before 00:00 on June 30th, and airdrop directly to the address. Please pay attention to checking it.